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Our Story

Our small home-based business started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying indoors led to finding new hobbies and interests as escape such as binging on Netflix K-Dramas and gardening at home. The love for gardening crashlanded its way into our hearts so suddenly (and also, we wanted to be tomato cultivators just like Captain Ri played by Hyun Bin) thus, CRASH PLANTING ON YOU was born (inspired by the Korean drama Crash Landing On You).

We aim to reconnect you back to where food comes and help you learn how to plant and experience the magic of growing your own veggies, herbs and flowers yourself. Our mission is to strive for a healthier and more sustainable world by offering a fresh perspective on gardening and making it easier and more engaging for newbies and seasoned gardeners alike with our ready-to-grow kits.



We believe that there is no such thing as a green thumb, you just have to know your plants and love them! It is quite an amazing feeling to witness your plants grow from a tiny seed to an abundant harvest of fresh produce at the comfort of your home.